Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 211 Review

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Laptop and pad hybrids are becoming more and more common, especially when the design intent and the legacy of the former is being questioned more and more after the advent of pads. Lenovo hasn’t been behind in this category with its new hybrid the IdeaPad Yoga 211 has some really nice features and the priceRead More…

Xinorbis: Free Hard Disk, Folder And Storage Analyzer For Windows


  Xinorbis is a very helpful software which will help you analyze your hard disk and folders. This is available on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. This software will analyze your computer and will give the complete overview of the hard disk. With the help of this software, you will be able to scanRead More…

How to Connect Two PC and Transfer Data Using the LAN Cable and Wi-Fi

How to Connect Two PC and Transfer Data Using the LAN Cable and Wi-Fi-1

If you don’t have any way to transfer the data between the two PCs and also don’t have enough budget to buy a USB on the Spot, or you are really far from other Computer or you just don’t desire to move yourself a lot, then follow the rest of guide to learn how to transfer the data between Two or more PCs byRead More…

Nokia Lumia 2520 Review

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The Finnish company has done it again, the tablet product line was the only thing missing under the Nokia’s belt which is now fulfilled after the announcement of awesome Nokia Lumia 2520. Tablets have always been a nudge when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity because they have built-in LTE and sometimes they don’t which makesRead More…

How To Enable the Start Menu In Windows 8.1[Tutorial]

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Since the launch of Windows 8.1 RTM version, there was a much touted hype in the media about the much anticipated much loved “Start Button and Start Menu”, from the classic Windows 7 style. All the users were all pumped up for the new release and the promises were true when the tech giant rolledRead More…

Review: Windows 8.1( Just Released), Start Button Is Back With Great New Features


Touch is everything! We heard this phrase a year ago when the competent officials from the tech giant Microsoft gave the world a new idea of an OS that will work on the fly without any input accessories. From that day, we have experienced a quintessential OS launch from Microsoft having the name Windows 8.Read More…

6 Awesome iTunes 11 Skins for Windows and Mac OS X

itunes 11 skin

iTunes 11 undoubtedly includes major design and style alter around its predecessors, your remodeled iTunes 11 additionally includes many brand-new features for instance inbuilt iCloud, brand-new Mini player, remodeled iTunes retail store and finish modernize connected with iTunes library, albums and playlist. Sad to say many criticized the newest design and style connected with iTunesRead More…

Top 5 Best Dropbox Apps for Windows Phone 8

best dropbox apps

You’ll find lots of established programs missing pertaining to Windows Phone 8 and also among the essential for people is Dropbox. Dropbox is probably the most in-demand cloud storage devices providers featuring totally free space for storage and also as used by numerous end users. Consequently without having an official request is usually a largeRead More…

How-To: Customize Windows 8 Lock Screen [Video]

windows 8 login screen

One of the notable awesome change Windows 8 brought us is interactive lock screen, this is totally changed the way of we use lock screen and its look with a wide angle wallpaper background along real time notifications from various apps we chosen, picture password technology and pretty clear format of current time which mostRead More…

Top 5 Best Free Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files

best free recovery software

The awkward moment when you accidentally delete or format important files such as your office documents, vacation photos, marriage videos or anything in your hard disk or flash drive, if you have a backup on other devices or online you’ll be happy, if so not you may get scolding yourself or you’ll be worrying. But all that has an end once you bring them back thus there are dozens of awesome best free recovery software out there to recover your valuable files. I have shared solutions for you.