Useless Websites That Will Waste Your Time



Most Useless Websites

In the past, a lot of useless websites were just “page markers” that had no real content at all. In other words, you’d show up there and there would be no information that you could use, except maybe a link to another website! There were tons of these useless websites around.

Today,  there are more of these useless websites around. Since the Internet is so vast, there are plenty of useless websites to waste time on. No longer are these sites simply link resources. Some websites can actually be quite entertaining and fun to visit when you are bored. These websites tend to go viral the more pointless they are!

Let us go deep into the web to discover the most useless websites EVER!cat-purring-sounds

Cat Purring Sounds

The website has a lot of functionalities pertaining to cats....and how they purr! The viewer has the once in a lifetime opportunity to create his or her own very unique purr sound effect. The view is given a series of different options for controlling how the purr may be personalized during the creation. The volume of the purr can be determined, as well as the time at which the purr will sound. This site seems quite fun and engaging for times when the viewer may be bored, need a break, or simply desire to pass time



Blue Ball Machine

The website is very stimulating as well as relaxing. It's intricate details can keep the mind occupied for copious amounts of time. Whether it be to keep a young child entertained for some time, or if you're a busy, hard working person and just need some time to unwind and let your mind float away for a few moments. A person who suffers from high anxiety could easily find tranquility through viewing this page for just a few minutes. This website has various possibilities as far as its usefulness goes.

ducksarethebestDucks Are the Best

Just because these websites are kind of useless doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun, at least for a split second. Do you love ducks? Then visit When you visit this basically pointless website, your cursor will be turned into a duck. However, your cursor will only be a duck at that website, which means that you’ll just move your duck around the web page until you get tired of it…and this is bound to happen quickly! You’ll see all of the ducks that you’ve made as you trace patterns on the page. Some may enjoy this, but the thrill doesn’t last!


Eel Slap

This website,, is very entertaining. It is a very simple website with only one page. On the page you see a picture of a man. As you move your cursor across the photo it interacts and changes frames from a video of the same man being slapped by an eel. I could see myself wasting far too much time making this man get slapped by an eel. I would give this website an overall rating of 7.5 out of 10 as far as entertainment goes.



Top up the fun and games by dropping by This mind-boggling website flashes a single word - “Hooooooooo!” and then redirects you to a sister website, which flashed another single word - “Heeeeeeeeey!” These types of websites are just there to generate clicks from the curious. Their content never changes, so they don’t really stimulate the mind in any way. It’s all about a one-second chuckle before you have enough and bounce out somewhere else.


Room Warp is a website completely devoted to an exhibition piece of graphic designing and animation. It has a something which is titled as a 'room warp'. It is a room because its shape and appearance is like of a room. It has three frontal walls and two roof(& floor) pieces and this enclosures makes for a room. It is called a warp because the size,length and thickness of walls and roof can be varied according to the movement of the cursor or mouse. It appears very attractive as bright colors are used to paint the walls and roof (& floor) pieces.


dogs dogs dogs

My first reaction to this website was, "What?". If you like cartoon dogs and cheerful music then is your kind of website. The pack of cartoon dogs are drawn pretty well with a variety of pooches. The music is very synthesized. It reminds me of something that Nintendo would have used back in its earlier days. Overall i'm not super interested in this website and i'm going to have to shut it off before it gives me a seizure.


is it Christmas Yet?

However, the silliness doesn’t stop there. Just because these websites are kind of useless doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun, at least for a split second. There are typically “joke” websites, so they provide a little novelty…and little else! One example is – when you visit this pointless website any day but December 25th, you’ll see huge letters that say NO. If you do need to check and see if it’s Christmas on Dec. 25th, be sure to drop by – you’re bound to see a “Yes” on this day!


Everyday im Hustlin

Do you hustle every day? Do you want your mouse pointer to help you express how you hustle every day? The come on by to . If your mouse pointer lands on word "Hustlin'" on the screen, the color for the page will change continuously while Rick Ross's song "Hustlin'" plays in the background. Once your cursor wanders away from "Hustlin'" the background will change back to the original white color and the fun music will stop. To keep this from happening, keep your pointer on "Hustlin'", sit back, and enjoy the party.


2015 Tetrasign

The website brings you to a game similar in appearance to the 2048 game and shows the same aesthetic design and functionality as the 2048 game. Using the keyboard arrows you are able to merge similar numbered tiles, and though the tiles are represented in confusing decimals, it is easy to merge the tiles based on the color. When the tiles can no longer merge, a game over sign appears and you can start again. Overall it can be addicting, but nothing new or different from the original 2048 game.



Bacon Sizzling

The website could potentially be used as a torture device for a bacon addict. On the webpage there is a video of a pan of sizzling bacon that will make any fan of the pork product start to drool. This is genius as far as advertising goes. You could inspire so many people to go buy bacon as long as you can direct them to this site. It could be like the new rick roll, but with bacon.I have to leave this site because it is making me crave bacon so intensely.rotating-spiral

Rotating Swirl

Those who like to be hypnotized must visit the website The unending rotating black and white spirals pull you towards the center of the spiral wanting you to know more as to what is beyond the them. It seems when you look at the rotating black and white spirals that you are going deep inside somewhere into the unknown and your mind don't want to be distracted. When you click once on the website the spirals stop rotating and if you click your mouse once more the spirals start moving backwards, you will feel you are coming back from the unknown. This may be interesting for some and boring for others.




Joe Capo

This appears to be an experimental and amateur website made over free website provider. This is intended to highlight the interests, occupations and likes and dislikes of an individual called Joe Capo. The maker of has made it a point to introduce Joe Capo to world at large through this website. So you have a potpourri background of Mario character, characters from liked cartoon series, video snippets of favorite music band, highlights from best liked stage show etc. to help you know Joe capo in full. This is an amateur effort in filling a website with animations, embedding etc.


Koalas to the Max

This is simply a breath taking website that is dedicated to graphic designing and animation. It is in ultimate sense devoted to animal care and protection as its final outcome is a beautiful animal called Koala.,at first, displays dull military green spots of large size. As you move cursor over such spots these spots keep dividing into small spots. These keep getting smaller and smaller with each swipe of cursor,so to say. Finally you get these to pixel sizes and these pixels combine to reveal the adorable shape of a koala. This is made for someone by a graphic designer and it uses a credited software.




I have seen many websites that are rather high end in graphic design and animation. This, however, is the first website which I have seen that is totally and singularly dedicated to an animated graphic design. This website has a wavering black worm like structure that waves wildly across the screen with the moves of your mouse. It has two eyes which makes it appear like a real serpent. This is offered for free embedding through a pop=up code. In case mouse is moved fast then other designs flash in background. A inquiry link takes you to outlook. On, if you shake the worm hard enough, you will be in for a surprise!


tumblr Shower

The website features random thoughts that occur in the shower. The basic idea of the website is for internet browsers and users who come across the site, to share the random thoughts which have popped into their hands while they were showering or in the shower. The point is for the thoughts to be on the unusual, strange, funny, and whimsical side. The website is for entertainment purposes merely. But that doesn't mean the site also can't have thoughts that provoke readers to have thoughts of their own.


Online Card Trick

The card trick featured on is quite crazy in its own right. The viewer is asked to select a particular suit, whether it be diamonds, spade, hearts, etc. on his or her card. Then the viewer is tasked to select an either a black or red arrow, pointing to the left and to the right, respectively. The viewer is finally asked to view a set of six cards, placed side by side. Rather than select the card with the cursor, the viewer is instructed to think about and then say the card aloud twice. Next, the viewer is asked to click ahead. The card which the viewer is thinking of is seemingly magically removed from the deck each time.


How to Draw a Circle

The website offers quite an interesting and informative information. The site asks viewers to draw a picture of a circle. After doing so, the viewer has the ability to analyze the circle in order to determine how closely the circle resembles a full circle. I especially like the feature of the analysis that details how the viewer's results compare to other viewers who drew a circle at a point before. The analysis also details interesting information such as the radius of the original circle each viewer draws. Overall, the circle activity is fun and engaging.


Find John Cena

The website has an original, fun, and creative concept. The screen starts out as green and when the viewer clicks the start button to begin the simulator, he or she is taken to a white screen. The cursor is to be moved around the page as the person attempts to locate an invisible John Cena on the white screen. The theme music of John Cena plays partially and faintly at first. As the viewer gets closer to John Cena, his voice and sounds becomes louder. In addition, the theme music of John Cena becomes more coherent. Finally, when the cursor finds John Cena it turns from a pointer into a hand which the viewer can click. The screen displays John Cena and scenes from his wrestling matches at his theme music plays in its entirety.


Man Baby

The facial features of a man and baby are swapped on this entertaining website, The man who is holding the baby has a baby's face, while the child, being held by the man, has the man's face. The faces are digitally altered and replaced in this particular photo. The photograph is engaging to view, but not much effort or brainpower is necessary to understand how the man comes to have the face of a baby and vice versa. In the end, the viewer may find that they desire to get their hands on the photo shop software that can alter faces in this way!


Pet Doge

The idea is very frank and simple on The object of the exercise is for the viewer to pet the dog pictured. The cursor becomes a large human hand that can pet the dog in various areas. The exercise is interactive and the viewer is able to pet the dog in any spot desired. The hand of the human hand is partially open, so the exercise will give the viewer a strong sense that he or she is actually gripping the dog to pet it in different areas of the head and body. The game is fun but it also so simple that the viewer may not stay engaged in the activity for very long!


Float Bounce

The website features a colored array of images. The images seem to float across the screen, from side to side. The colors fluctuate in degree and intensity as they glide back and forth on the screen. The magenta, teal, and purple are the colors colors selected for this particular scheme. The notion of the float bounce is the illusion created of the colors floating across the screens as the colors change in contrast. The display of color is truly vibrant, original, and magnificent.


Trash Loop

What the heck!!!! You somehow manage to put a piece of paper in the trash can, but, you cannot be satisfied with the task that you do. The paper expels from the can every time you put it in. It feels like you are in a never ending task with a hope that you will get some kind of appreciation or points at the end of the game. Try it! I bet you can't win it, on the contrary you will enjoy playing it. The graphics and design of this website is simple but elegant. I recommend it to anyone who finds joy in simplicity.


Pet The Dog

The website is quite interactive. The particular webpage features a black background with flashing text that reads "Pet the Dog!!!!!!" A dog is featured below the text. Fun music also plays which mimics the sound of a dog barking and making other sounds. The intention of the page is for viewers to click the dog with the computer mouse, watching the numerical value increase beside the text reading "pets." Therefore, by checking the mouse the viewer is essentially petting the virtual dog. The server calculator on the page then records the number of clicks "pets" from the viewer.


Corgi Website

The website called is adorable and entertaining. It displays rows upon rows of tiny animated corgi puppies running or swimming, excitedly next to each other. Occasionally a rather large corgi that looks just like the others, frolics across the center of the display of little corgis. This web page is exciting, adorable, and stimulating to the mind, if one is attempting to just relax their mind for a few brief moments. Or even just for lovers of corgi dogs in particular.


Nelson Haha

The site features the character Nelson Muntz from the hit animated television series The Simpsons. The character Nelson is engaged in one of his usual antics in which he laughs at someone who has some degree of misfortune visit them after his bullying. Nelson is pointing at the individual (at times Bart Simpson) or individuals as he laughs and say "ha ha." is devoted purely to displaying the character of Nelson from The Simpsons show during one of his many iconic moments.


Pointer Pointer is quite engaging and attention grabbing. The object of the site is for the viewer to move the cursor somewhere, anywhere on the screen. Whenever that action occurs, the different pictures on featured on the screen, depicting individuals pointing in various settings and scenery. The act of moving the computer mouse and pointing is fun, since the cursor will sometimes land on the hand or figure of the person or persons pointing in a particular photograph. Also, because the photos are blown up to fit the size of the computer screen, the viewer also feels as if he or she is there!


Ninja Flex

The website has a pretty cool feature. The object of the exercise is to move the cursor from right to left, or left to right. When doing so, the viewer finds that the images on the screen alternate between an figure flexing and an arm flexing. As the cursor alternates between the figure and the arm, sound is engaged on the website, in which a the viewer hears "Flex!" when pointing at the figure that is flexing, and "Ninja!" when the pointing the cursor at the arm that is flexing. is both a fun and interactive website!


Of course, “uselessness” is in the eye of the beholder. Some people might think that changing their cursors into ducks is brilliant! Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that the useless websites we’ve showcased here have very limited value, and most might argue that they are definitely useless. Others might argue that they are quite entertaining!

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