Use Technology to Make Learning Math Fun


How to Make Math fun for kids

Some children don’t consider math to be interesting while other kids don’t seem like math at all. Most kids don’t love math and is not so interesting to kids. Although that may be the case, math is important for developing cognitive abilities, as well as analytical, logical, and abstract thinking.

Luckily, today’s kids live in a world where they are surrounded by technology which provides parents with a great way to teach their child math. Even though the accessibility of learning math has become easier with the use of technology, there are a lot of kids who still suffer from math anxiety.

So, if you want to help your child to learn math, always make math positive and creative while making it fun and enjoyable at the same time.

Teach Through Example

When teaching something unappealing like math, it is important to remember to never portray it in a negative context. Let your children know that you use math all the time and that it is not hard at all, and can even be fun. Children learn through example, so becoming a math role-model will be doing more than enough to teach and improve their math skills.

Also, whenever possible, join in on the math activities with your children. It will boost their confidence to know that you are there, and they will also try to show off in front of you, making you the best motivator they have.

Get Your Kids Involved

When doing bills, take some time to let your kids help you out. This will create a sense of importance to the child. Also, you can buy them a calculator of their own. They will explore the intricate systems of numbers through play, and when you call for their assistance, they will love to help you.

Through that sort of use, they will overcome simple math functions like adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

Geometry and Everyday Appliances

Through everyday appliances, you should teach your kids geometry. Your family home is full of various objects, shapes, and sizes. Use them to your advantage when teaching kids different geometric shapes. They will quickly learn the difference between a cube and a cuboid.

Not only that, but by associating different geometrical shapes with everyday objects through association, they will remember them better and the objects will become embedded into their memory.

Calculating Time

Clocks are not only great for telling time, but also for teaching math. Play a game of calculus by setting a time, and letting your kid calculate how many minutes there are until that specific time. Also, you can teach multiplication by asking them to figure out how many seconds are in 3 minutes, for example.

You can even let them turn back time by figuring out how many minutes have passed since they started playing.  Just remember to make it interesting.

Online Gaming

Since today’s kids are so closely connected to computers and the internet, cool math games provide an ideal learning atmosphere. Most games are colorful, interactive, and kids will find it more engaging since they involve levels and tasks. Also, through these games, children will develop hand-eye coordination, quick thinking, and rapid response, which will be very useful later in life.

Moreover, since they are extensive, online math games provide multiple opportunities to introduce kids to the various mathematical fields. And with you by their side, they will definitely have a fun and interesting experience while learning math.

Thinking Math Games

Chess and Sudoku also provide an ample way of getting kids to like math. Apart from calculus, children will develop pattern-recognition while refining and training their logical and abstract thinking. Furthermore, kids will have a chance to utilize the notions of anticipation and prediction first hand, while also engaging their short-term memory.

In the end, it is important to remember that math is not something close to a child’s heart. But, by being a smart parent, and making math fun and interesting, your child will view it as a good thing. And, ultimately, learning math will become fast and easy for them.

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