Top 7 Apps for Runners for iPhone


7 Best Running Apps for iPhone 2018

Running is a low tech exercise. All you need to be a runner is two working legs and a healthy amount of willpower. But a little technology certainly won’t slow you down. Lots of runners these days turn to their phones to give their workouts that extra little kick. Smart, informed running can help prevent you from any number of injuries. Here are some exciting apps for runners—some time-tested classics, others brand new shiny disruptors


There’s a good chance you already know this one. MyFitnessPal is one of the handheld world’s most popular apps. This app helps you track your eating habits, exercise habits, and progress over time. With MyFitnesspal, a thoughtful runner can calculate precise amounts of exercise necessary to work off that afternoon snack.

Runner’s World Go

No less an authority than Runner’s World developed this snazzy little app. Runner’s World Go helps runners plan their runs, track their runs, and come up with ideas for future runs. It’ll also give you tips and motivation to inspire you to be the best runner you can be.


MapMyRun will do things most running app will do for you, but it will also use your cellphone’s GPS systems to track your runs precisely. This tracking will help ensure you never get lost, will be able to find efficient routes, and even keep you safe— if you’re worried about your safety, this app will help track your whereabouts.

Weather Underground

Serious weather geeks will already have this app, but the rest of the world may have missed it, satisfied by the generic default apps that came with their phones. You don’t need to settle for defaults, do you? You’re not using Internet Explorer, right? Weather Underground gets you detailed information about the conditions you’ll be venturing out into. Don’t get caught in a storm due to bad tech.

Zombies, Run!

Here’s a quirky one. For those of you who need a story line to get motivated, this one’s for you. The Zombies, Run! app turns your daily workout into a comic book adventure. The app sets up zombie apocalypse scenarios and requests that you complete tasks and collect tools to ensure your survival. Have a daily morning of the running dead.


This features-bejewelled creation is designed for the tech savvy jogger who liked to fiddle with all the bells and whistles. You can track water intake and loss, get inspirational messages, and create a social network of runners with whom you can swap running times, scores, maps, and leave comments back and forth. And you can log on easily from your various social media accounts.


This one is also loaded with features. In addition to all the usual running app stuff, this app helps you get seriously deep knowledge about your workout .iSmoothRun lets you track everything, even the wear and tear on your shoes. You can also transfer your data via dropbox and track your cycling data, too. iSmoothRun is designed for iPhone users, so Apple lovers should consider giving this one a shot.

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