What to Do with a Broken iPhone

broken iPhoneWhen your iPhone breaks, it feels pretty bad for a while. Most people get over it and just buy a new one. Some people choose to go into hiding for a few weeks while they deal with the intense pain of losing a phone that plays mp3s. But rarely does anyone really do anything with the old, broken iPhone.

If you've got a broken iPhone, you shouldn't just throw it away. Here are a few tips for deciding whether to repair or sell a broken iPhone, and how to proceed with each option to get the best possible value from your broken phone.

Common things to do with a broken iPhone

1. Considering the damage - Before trying to decide what to do with your iPhone, take a look at it and try to determine how it was damaged, what components were damaged, and the overall condition of the device (besides, of course, the fact that it isn't working). This will help you figure out what the possible value is of your iPhone, and you'll be better able to determine how to proceed. A common problem is the iPhone no sound issue, which can be fixed easily so don't throw your iPhone away!

2. Repairing it - You might consider repairing your broken iPhone if there isn't a lot of damage to the device. There are a number of iPhone repair services available online, such as rapidrepair.com and iPodMods. If there's a relatively minor issue with the iPhone, they can replace the parts that aren't working, and ideally restore it to its original luster. If you're not sure what's wrong with your iPhone, it may be worth checking out some of these websites to try to get a free quote. The damage may not be as bad as you'd thought.

Some iPhone issues can be repaired by users, such as a broken LCD screen. A guide I'd written on Associated Content takes you through the steps to replace your iPhone's LCD screen for only about five bucks. It's available here.

3. Selling it - If the damage is fairly severe, or if you simply don't want to have your iPhone repaired (perhaps you'd replaced it already), you can sell it on eBay or a similar auction site and make a decent amount of money from companies that want to buy the parts to repair other iPhones. Some websites offer to buy iPhones straight out, but it's better to us an auction site, as pricing tends to be higher. Always provide pictures and be completely honest about how the iPhone had broken, and what components you believe are broken. Otherwise, you'll suffer bad feedback on eBay and may face further action from the buyer.

Do you have any other tips for getting rid of a broken iPhone? Post in our comments section below.

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