Fixing a Frozen Screen on Your iPhone

fixing-frozen-screen-iphoneI have to admit I love my iPhone but I don't always love some of the new problems that come with it. Recently while trying to answer a call, I discovered that my iPhone 6 had frozen. I couldn't actually pick up or hang up the call and I couldn't get the phone to shut down either.

How I Fixed my Frozen iPhone

After an internet search, I found a great support site for the iPhone and I began reading. This turned out to be a quick and easy iPhone 6 frozen fix for my iPhone.

The first suggestion was to make sure that my iPhone was charged. Yep, I still had over half life left on my battery. In the event that you have a frozen screen, check your battery first. If you are down in the red area of your battery, do not plug into your laptop, as the power source is much lower than plugging into a normal outlet.


Use your wall charger and let the phone charge. If the problem is not a low battery then go to the next step of rebooting/resetting the phone. Do not do this through your iTunes, as you will lose everything you have and have your phone wiped clean. iTunes is a system restore not reset function.


For a frozen iPhone screen, simply Hold down your sleep/off button and your home (the one at the bottom of the face of your iPhone with the little white square) button at the same time for about ten seconds. This will shut down the phone at which point you can restart it and reboot. At least for me this fixed the problem of my frozen iPhone. Less than two minutes later, my phone was up and running again.

When encountering problems with your iPhone make sure you consult both your owners manual and the support pages on before taking your phone in for a repair that you can do quickly and easily yourself.

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