Top JailBreak Apps 2016

People believe that once they have a smart phone they are complete and all set to perform any possible errand of their daily routine. From providing access to your bank account, to letting you know about the weather updates of your region, jail break and other apps are all equipped to give you all the ease.  This list of jailbreak apps 2016 should provide you the latest ideas on how to optimize your iPhone's experience.


Top Jail Break Apps of 2016

In the world of apps, you are given a lot of options to choose. Among all other options, the jail break apps are the best ones and due to their diversity and facility they are preferred more than others. These apps not only ease your life, but allow you to customize and personalize your iOS journey making your experience more enjoyable. In case you are looking for the best jail break apps for your phone or iOS, here you will find the top jailbreak apps 2016. Take a look.



ADBlocker can be a very useful app when it comes to browsing anything online. It is usually seen that people tend to get irritated by the ads that pop up while you are surfing the internet, especially while you are reading the news or anything serious. In order to avoid this inconvenience, you can install this app on your phone. It will minimize the number of ads that appear on your mobile screen while you are reading online newspapers or others.

ADBlocker will also cut down the pointless and annoying ads you come across before and after the Youtube and other social media videos. This app can easily free your screen from ads of all sorts from free native apps. This app can be obtained for free and is one of the top jailbreak apps 2016.



Activator is another jail break app which can be obtained for free. According to research and surveys the Activator is one of the first few apps which people install after jail breaking their iPhone. This app is known for allowing maximum amount of customization of their gadgets. With the Activator you can launch any app after allocating custom gestures to it, which of course is all in your hands.

You can easily assign gestures of your choice to any particular apps by scrolling up and down and then tapping the app twice. The Activator makes your phone and other gadgets work exactly how you want them to.



Winterboard is another popular jail break app used widely by millions of iPhone and iPad users all across the globe. This is because this app allows you to easily and readily install all of the themes you have and want to download from the Cydia store. When you are able to readily and effectively install and use the themes on Cydia you are upgrading your phone or gadget to the latest trends.

However there is one user concern about this app that is pushing it out of the list of jailbreak apps 2016 and that is that it has not changed or revised its design and layout ever since it was launched in the year 2007 with the first iPhone. You can get this app free of cost and enjoy the up gradation of your gadget.

MyWi 6


MyWi 6 is a great jailbreak apps 2016 which is highly popular among the masses. This app allows you to connect your gadget to the Wi-Fi connections around and browse the internet on it. A specialty of this app is that you can easily connect your laptop, or iPad to the 3G and 4G internet function in your iPhone.

This app can be even more useful when you are paying for one internet connection (usually in case of hotels) and you can readily supply internet to other devices. You can get MyWi 6 for $19.99/$4.99 depending on their versions. However, the trial period is free, so you can see if it's right for you before purchasing.



MapsOpener is a famous app used for locating maps and places while sitting in your couch. This app is considered more effective than the ones linked to Apple maps, as it directly links you to Google maps which have a diverse and large store of map tools. Its diversity and wide range of maps and direction availability has compelled people to use it and it is why we put it on our list of the top jailbreak apps 2016.

Another good thing about MapsOpener is that it is available for free. However, one shortcoming of this app is that it does not stop Siri from opening directions in Apple’s own app, for this function solely uses Apple maps.



PkgBackup is an app used by people to create a back up of all the data on their iPhones. The price of this app is about $10, which seems to be a bit high for an app. If you think that, then just imagine for once that after using this app you will not be able to face the hazards of updating your data and apps each time you switch or get a new one. Your data will be automatically restored to a new one after you save your data in this app. It also allows you to save all your data in the DropBox by putting in your Cloud.



SBSetting is a great app for those who want new innovations on their iPhones. This free app is used as a great replacement of the routine settings functions which are built in the phone. People are tired of the cliché settings menu and appearances, and referring to it for small endeavors like fixing brightness etc.

With the SBSetting you are allowed to adjust the settings of a few small and daily chores like fixing brightness, turning the Wi-Fi on and off, Bluetooth, GPS Locations etc. The settings can be adjusted by simply swiping the bar that you see under each function in the fashion similar to that of unlocking your phone.

The article above was about some of the popular jailbreak apps 2016. There are many more useful jail break apps out there, you just have to look to find them!

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