Best iPhone Apps 2016


The peak season of iPhone and iPad apps is slowly drifting away, but 2016 seems to be providing us with a wonderful collection of apps to captivate the attention of iOS 9 users. You will find many third party apps from keyboards to gaming adventures. This article will have a close look at some of the best iPhone apps 2016 has to offer.

Best iOS Apps 2016

Circle Pay


Circle Pay is the application used to share cash by linking debit or credit cards. This allows for easy and instant transfer of cash through the internet with a mobile number or an Email. This kind of app is very useful for people who do not like to carry cash from one place to another. Another advantage of Circle Pay is that it allows your friends to send you payment. The hassle of splitting the bill at a restaurant just got easier! Pay several kinds of bills with an additional protected security. There is also a new future of the app that allows currency exchange from US to UK ( Dollars to Pounds and as similar) and in the future it may include several types of currency based on the usage of customers.



Upshot is a useful app that allows you to store the photos and videos that are taken from several friends. A group is created, like a folder, and it holds all the pictures taken from everyone's camera. Anyone who belongs to the group can open and view the photos. This is extremely useful when it comes to photo sharing at events like parties, weddings, etc. The Upshot app has a very simple interface that allows the import of a person or group of people whatsapp or Facebook. You can also share photos or videos on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. Finally, you do not need to ask yours friends to share the photos or videos that were taken from last night's party! This is one of the best iPhone apps 2016.

Voice Dream Reader


Voice Dream is an app capable of reading articles, books, and documents to you and is capable of reading a number of formats, including PDF, MS Word, Google Docs, web articles, and more. The application does not require being connected to the web to function. By using this app, you are able to listen to a que of books, articles, or documents in situations where you can’t be staring at your screen, such as while on a drive or run. The app is also great for individuals learning to read, or who may have trouble reading due to vision problems or dyslexia.

Frax - The First Realtime Immersive Fractalsfrax

Frax is a program that allows users to create images using fractal geometry. Frax utilizes mathematical concepts found in nature to allow users to make fantastic works of art which can then easily be shared with family and friends on social media. Not only does Frax allow users to create still pictures, but also high-quality animations. Many color options, textures, lighting effects, and more make sure that users always have new options for creating beautiful works.



Miitomo is Nintendo's first entry into the mobile market. Rather than a game it is advertised as a bare-bones social network. Once the user has created their avatar called a "mii" that inhabits a rather bare virtual room it's time to add friends to interact with. Interactions are at first limited to pre-selected questions that are presented by the avatars and completed by the user. From here the conversation options open up slightly as friends are able to comment on the given subject. Outside of interaction with other users the app revolves heavily around collecting clothing for your avatar through a in app shop. The only other source of variety within the app comes in the form of the "mii drop" mini game in which users use in game currency to drop their avatar through a pinball like stage with the goal of winning additional clothing for your mii. The app consistently recommends connecting to Nintendo's Nintendo Network and My Nintendo programs giving the impression that this app is currently just an elaborate advertisement for other Nintendo products to come. Miitomo is surely a contender for best iPhone apps 2016.

Anomaly DefendersBest-iPhone-Apps-2016-Anomaly-Defenders

Anomaly Defenders is by far the best tower defense series on the iPhone. The game shows the challenges faced after mankind has pushed the alien menace back to their own town. The players have to fight against the counter-attack. You need to upgrade your towers, expand the research for improving the efficacy, and make quick decisions on adapting to the changing attacks and environmental attacks. The graphics are quite good. This game will be great for the strategy fans.


Mailtime is a fantastic modified version of mobile email. The messages would contain plenty of useful information such as date, time, and contain the threads in the form of conversation. New recipients can be added into the conversation and can be assigned smart tags. This app is focused on keeping the email conversation precise. You will be alerted if the email message is too long.

Valiant HeartsBest-iPhone-Apps-2016-valiant-hearts

Valiant Hearts is an interesting puzzle game from the Ubisoft set. The theme of the puzzle revolves around the World War 1. You will view the sad story about the soldiers on the front line of the Great War and their faithful hound Walt. It boasts a gritty graphic novel art style and an interesting mix of gameplay types. The earlier versions of the game on PC, was really wonderful. Now, iPhone and iPad users should enjoy it at the same level.

Elevate Brain Training

Elevate Brain Training is an exceptional personal trainer for your brain that was released earlier this year. You need to spend just $5 per month for playing a huge range of brain games. You can track your performance in detail. This app will develop the mind skills that you really need to the most.



With the aid of Hyperlapse, you can design innovative time-lapse videos using Instagram’s in-house stabilization. This app eliminates the need of the bulky tripods and expensive equipment for capturing time-lapse videos. You can shoot handheld time lapse videos in motion while you are walking, running, jumping, or even falling.



Threes! has been awarded the title of the iPhone game of the year. It is a highly addictive $3 puzzle app that succeeded even in the presence of an inferior free clone. This game offers endless challenge from one simple mode. You will learn the rules within 30 seconds. It will compel you to spend plenty of hours to accomplish the targets.


SwiftKey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard has really captivated the attention of users of iOS as well as Android devices. This app learns your writing style for predicting your next word with high accuracy. The typing becomes extremely easier and fast with the help of this app.



Facetune is perhaps the most powerful portrait and Selfie photo editor. This app is targeted at the professional graphic designers and photographers. You can achieve the perfection in your photos without spending a lot of money. The app costs just $3.99. It will make your photos look as if they have emerged from some high-quality magazine.


Pennies-Personal Money, Budget, and Finance Manager

This app is used to manage your budget, according to your requirements. It is a personal finance manager app with really simple and user-friendly features. You will be able to manage your money in seconds. It helps you in planning your budget, according to the way you desire to spend. This app will cost you $1.84.


Google Analytics

This is a handy tool for website developers and bloggers who are always keen to analyze their site metrics. With the help of this app, you can analyze real-time metrics on your iPhone. You can delve deep into your audience, acquisition, and behavior metrics. This app is available for free.




Splyse is an app made for iOS and can be obtained for free. This app is loved by the music lovers and those who use consume a lot of music on their smart phones and it is why it is one of the best iPhone apps 2016. In case you wish to throw a party and cannot find a DJ. If you have Splyce in your smart phone do not worry. This is because you will be able to mix your party songs with each other and turn out the lights in it which will make you a full on party ambiance.

Cooking Basics


Cooking Basics is an amazing app for iOS users and can be bought for $7.99. This app is slightly expensive because when you pay this amount it is just like having the famous New York Columnist Mark Bittman in your kitchen which means the price is definitely worth it. This app provides you tutorials about preparing food with more than 1000 pictures of dishes and about 185 recipes from the renowned chefs. This app indeed is a creative and interactive way of learning how to make your favorite dishes in an innovative way and of course guides you about how to garnish your dish beautifully.

This article showed you a few examples from a huge collection of best iPhone apps 2016. Hopefully will find the apps suited to your taste and requirements. You will be eager to download and install all of the above best iPhone apps of 2016. The iTunes store contains a huge range of apps that need to be explored. You can always find some more wonderful apps from the iTunes store.

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