Tango Messenger Review

This Tango Messenger review is meant for anyone who is looking for a Whatsapp alternative. Tango permits you to simply connect with friends & family, or find new friends. Make video & voice calls, send text messages, play games and more - all free of charge. Be a part of over 130 million people around the world using Tango as their #1 social electronic communication app. Tango allows you to create video calls and send instant messages for free on your smartphone. Voice and video communication with Tango is currently free, and works over partner 3G/4G networks.


Tango Messenger

Tango automatically sorts through your phone's contacts to find which are using Tango as much as users of WhatsApp and Viber do, and displays all of those contacts clearly and you'll be able to quickly begin chatting with them. You choose to ask somebody via text message or email if you wish.

Tango Messenger Camera option


Of course, the video for business only works if you have a front-facing camera on your device. If you are doing that though, you are certainly an assassin, as a result of both the video & audio quality of Tango video calls is superb, and have less lag compared to similar applications.

Tango includes many handy additional options, like the power to add fun filters and animations to your video chats. Tango recently released its API and SDK, permitting developers to integrate the multi-platform chat service into games and different apps. Today, the corporation has updated their apps for Android and iOS with new social-networking options.

Tango Messenger Video calls


Starting recently, Tango users will notice friends nearby, individualize their profiles, and share photos throughout voice or video calls. Profiles are often custom-made with profile photos, standing updates, and uploading photos to share with friends. These additions make us compare Tango Messenger review to more like Facebook, although they are concentrating their efforts mainly on mobile.

The multi-platform chat app area is jam-panicked with huge names like Google Hangouts, Facebook Traveler, Fiber, and WhatsApp. To reach this area, Associate in nursing app must be innovative and supply one thing that competitors do not. Tango is doing this simply by partnering with mobile game developers, Game loft, to form a mobile vice social network.

Games on Tango


By permitting developers like GameLoft to integrate Tango's chat service into apps, the corporation is putting its product before the many additional users. Mobile games are able to use Tango as a social layer, permitting players to speak with each other, post on the leader boards, and invite friends to games. This can work equally in Apple's Game Center, however its strength can come from its cross-platform talents.

The games are complete apps which will be downloaded from several app stores. Whereas the games are designed to figure with Tango, users don't need to have Tango installed to play them. Except for the simplest expertise, users can need to put in the Tango app to fancy all of the new options of the Tango platform. In our Tango Messenger review, we found that using Tango is as straightforward as it sounds, "Connect with Tango." If you have got Tango installed, it'll share your sensitive personal information with the entire world. Right now, only 2 games can support Tango's new platform. GameLoft’s "Candy Block Breaker for Tango" and Chewing Gum Interactive "Jetpack Jinx for Tango" are both coming back to Android soon, but there is no solid release date, however.

Text, Calls, Video chats and games on Tango


This is huge news for Tango, as it's remodeling its multi-platform chat app into a full blown mobile social network. The Tango app already has strong social options, permitting friends to text chat, call, video chat, and play many basic games. By permitting app developers to integrate Tango into their apps, Tango might possibly become the actual multi-platform mobile social network since Google Play Games and Apple's Game Center solely work at intervals their own operational systems.

Tango Video Calls may be a free VoIP application for use with high goals, however low performance. The app is extremely straightforward to use, however the interface misses the tactfulness of a native iOS application like Face-Time. With its intuitive interface, most users are able to skip the video tutorial and get started promptly, particularly those who've used a VoIP app before.

Tango Video Calls will supply some nice options, like the Face-Time, is video decision (the primary aim of the app) or (what we tend to like the most in this Tango Messenger review) video electronic communication. We tend to stress the idea of breaking down the wall between mobile operational systems, and that we do what the initiative from Tango's developers. It was therefore smart to have a video chat with our friends running Android that is not associated with nursing choice with Face Time.

Another feature we tend to stress is that the capability to receive Tango calls while not the necessity to incessantly keeps the app running within the background. This prevents Tango from being an informative and most importantly battery hog. We tend to have some problems with the video quality of the calls; however these did not cut down from the app's overall quality. We additionally like the app's capability to modify between cameras like Skype or Face Time, however the pictures weren't as crisp as with Face Time. What’s smart, though, is that Tango isn't restricted to Wi-Fi associations; it also can use your 3G connection that makes it terribly handy. Despite many video and image problems, we tend to extremely advocate this app for its simple use and its capability to cross platforms.



Tango is a VoIP app that allows you to send free text messages, make free voice calls, and make free video calls to anyone around the world, provided they additionally use Tango. You’ll be able to do that on your Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G network. Tango works on a Windows laptop, and on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows Phone. It’s a straightforward interface, however the decision and video quality needs to be improved. This Tango Messenger review should make a good case for a whatsapp alternative.

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