Android OS vs Windows Mobile Phone Comparison

Android os vs Windows mobile, which one is better? Smartphones have entered our lives to such an extent that we have started shaping our lives and setting the routine according to them. This is of course because of the diversity and effectiveness of the smart phones applications which now deal with every sphere of life. From being able to check your heart beat to helping you to get hotels booked abroad, from giving you the latest weather updates to allowing you to manage your bank account while sitting at home - you name it and smart phones have the apps for you right under your nose.Android-OS-vs-Windows-Mobile

However in their race for superiority, the smartphone software manufacturers have become strong competitors of each other. The most competitive and widely used software are those for Android and Windows. Both of them strive fully to give you the best services in order to keep you comfortable and of course to keep the other ousted while keeping themselves in vogue.

Android vs Windows

As a result of this competition and their almost equal brilliance, the world of smart phones now seem to be divided into two parts: one of those who use the Android based smartphones and the other who use the Windows based software. Each user finds his software to be more compatible and satisfactory than the other. You will see that each user is always on fire and zealous about defending his software in such debates of Android os vs Windows Mobile. Smartphones and their software are compared below.

In the latest debates, the newly developed Windows phone 8 is being discussed and how it is better than the Android phones. However here you will find some facts which a Windows Phone 8 user is most likely to miss about the Android software.

Google Android versus Windows Mobile


The best reason for the popularity of Android phones (which is mainly responsible for their popularity and preference) is the great amount of control they give you on your smartphone as a user. You are free to use and customize you smart phone in whatever way you want, without any limitations and issues. However it is seen that on most Windows based smartphones you are given a limited amount of control and ability to customize your smartphone.

The applications on an Android smartphone are designed by keeping the importance of your control in mind. However, most users complain that they fail to enjoy the same control on their Windows smartphone. On an Android phone you can change colors, customize texts and personalize your applications that make your phone exactly as per your choice. The locks are unique in nature that keep your phone totally secure and at your disposal. This feature is highly missed in Windows phone 8.

Windows Phones vs Android

In almost all Android based phones LED lights are used for notifying you of calls, e-mails, text messages and any other thing which requires your urgent attention. However the Windows phone 8 and other phone based on windows software lack this feature. Since it is an instant way of diverting your attention towards any urgent happening in your phone and is really effective for the purpose, it is being missed on the Windows based phones. The windows phone 8 does have a LED light but it only blinks and notifies you when your phone is low on battery and needs charging; however this feature is not very much effective.

Windows Phones vs Android Phones, Which is Best?


You may think that a file manager is not that essential of a feature, especially when it comes to the comparison of social networking options. However it is a feature that has a lot of significance. That is why the android os vs windows mobile is much better. The Windows phone does not contain a file manager and neither is there any app for it as yet which allows you to delete or manage files stored on your smartphone easily and quickly.

You will have to follow the traditional method for this petty task; that means it will take a lot of your time. In a Windows smartphone you will not be able to carry out any procedure related to moving, storing, deleting files, or any management without connecting your smartphone to a computer which is a great shortcoming. On the other hand an Android phone will be good enough to enable you to manage your files there and then.


Windows Has No Apps

This again is a great shortcoming in Android os vs Windows mobile, as Windows phone does not release apps very frequently. This is why there are fewer apps for the Windows based phones as compared to that for Android based phones.
Furthermore you will see more Android versions of sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc while there are not many versions of such utilities for Windows users. Not only this, but the Android based smartphones will contain special encoding apps for personalizing these websites and your accounts for them, which makes Android phones more preferable. You will also see that the apps for Windows phones will take time to be launched while the same app for the same purposes will be available for Android based smartphones. This disparity, less number and delay in launching of apps are a shortcoming of Windows based phones.

The flag is cool. I'll admit that, if nothing else.

Limited Browsing on Windows Phones

On your android based phones you have a million ways of enhancing your internet browsing and sharing your data. You can use any of the browsers supported by the Android based phones in order to browse the internet and share your data just as you wish and as it allows you. However the internet explorer which is the only browser supported by the windows based phones remains a big limitation for people who have to browse internet and share their data. You are only allowed to share and send links which is too out of date for the modern sharing and browsing norms. You can send e-mails too; however that is again at a slow medium pace.

When it comes to Android os vs windows mobile, Android smartphones are much better than Windows phones for the aforementioned reasons. This is why Microsoft's Windows Phone has failed to date.

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