How to Change Gmail Password on Android, iPhone and iPad


Gmail is the most famous email service used by millions of users daily. As we know, Gmail uses a password authentication mechanism to let its users login. We also know that passwords are weak and lately there have been a plethora of password hacks. How to change Gmail password in iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device is a valid question given that most of us use Gmail on our mobile devices. The steps to change Gmail password in iPhone or iPad are more or less the same. The process of Android is also simple. Let’s get started.

 How to Change Gmail Password on Android

Changing Gmail password in Android mobile device is a tricky part. I quickly sifted through the web and couldn’t find  a single link which gives the solution. Most of the people are trying to explain how to ‘update’ the password on your Android rather than changing the Gmail password on your phone. Here is how you can change your password in Gmail on your Android phone.

Open up the Gmail app.

Once you have selected the account, tap on the ‘More’ icon (the one with the dots) and go the ‘Help and Feedback’.


Under Change Password section, you will see a hyperlinked text ' Google Account Settings'. Click it and it will take you to a browser within the Gmail app. Type in your credentials and follow the instructions to change Gmail password in Android.


Important Note: You must make sure that the 'Sync Mail' option is unchecked in your Android phone. Otherwise, the change password option will not appear as the phone relies on your PC account of Gmail.


Change Gmail Password on iPhone

Now, let's see how you can change Gmail password on iPhone and iPad.

Launch ‘Settings’ from your iPhone.


Now tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.


If you are using Gmail on your iPhone, you will see ‘Gmail’ in the list of email accounts apart from iCloud of Apple Mail. Tap ‘Gmail’.


Now tap the ‘Account’ option.


You will see a ‘password’ option in the middle of the screen. Tap it.

change-gmail-password on-iphone-5

You can now change the password by giving the old one and entering the new password multiple times for authentication.

Tap ‘Done’ on the top right corner of the screen.

That’s it. This was how you could change Gmail password on Android, iPhone or iPad. The process images are from iOS 7 for iPhone, but the iOS 8 and updated versions have the same screens and you will be able to perform the steps pretty easily.

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