Play Videos on Chromecast From PC Via Videostream


Do you wish play videos on chromecast from pc through sources other than approved apps like YouTube? Videostream provides the solution for the Chrome browser and Chromebooks. It is a wonderful app for the Chromecast browser that allows users to play videos on chromecast from pc with any video file on from your PC or MAC. Previously, video sharing was limited to the videos on the Chrome browser as well as some popular apps such as Netflix and YouTube.


The function of the app is pretty simple. You just need to install the app, and open in your Chrome browser. You need to open a video file from absolutely anywhere in your computer. It will be beamed to the Chromecast dongle stuck in an HDMI slot on your television.

The app is quite fast and flexible. It even supports the local video files on the network. It also contains an Android remote control. Its installation is pretty simple and straightforward. Once you have installed it in your chrome, connecting it to the Chromecast on the home network is pretty easy. From there onwards, you can browse your network, computer, NAS, or any other file location for playing the videos.

A premium subscription version is also available that costs only $1.49 per year. It allows you to create playlists, and you can control it via the Android app. This core Videostream app is completely free, however, only at the Chrome Web Store.

The amazing thing about this app is the support for virtually every kind of video. The supported file types are AVI, MKV, MP4, and more. You may throw any kind of video on its interface, and it is quite likely to play it. It also plays the MP3 files that contain only audio. Obviously, you will not see any video in that case.


This app has fixed the infinite “Searching for Videostream” bug on mobile apps for some users. Lots of other problems and bugs have been removed in the updated version. It has also cleaned up some of the user experience. The error messages are made more useful now. The major bug of disconnection from the stream on chromecast has also been fixed that was so annoying for the users. In short, Videostream app will provide you the best experience of to play videos on chromecast from pc of your favorite videos on Chromecast.

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