Best Free Icon Packs for Android


If you love to customize the appearance of your Android smartphone or tablet, you will require launchers, widgets, and icon packs. Widgets and launchers improve the aesthetics of your Android device to a great extent. When you desire changing the stock icons, then you must have desired icon packs. In this post, we will list down the best free icon packs for Android.


Cryten-Icon Pack

Cryten is certainly on top of the list with excellent design, crisp icons, and regular updates from the developer. If you love round icons and a contemporary look for your Android device, then you should definitely give Cryten a try. It supports all major launchers. Icon masking for unthemed icons is also worth checking out. This might be one of the best free icon packs for Android.


Material Things Lollipop Free

This icon pack is worth trying if you are a lover of Android Lollipop theme. The free version of the icon pack contains around 600 beautiful icons. Rafnematchlocal . You get bundled wallpapers even with the free version. Material Things Lollipop is compatible with most launchers.


Light Void Free-Flat Icons

If you desire having simple, clear, and flat white icons for your Android device, you should definitely give Light Void a chance. It doesn’t contain Ads and provides you around 900 flat design, simple icons for almost all popular launchers.


Voxel-Icon Pack

Voxel contains plenty of quality square icons rivaling most popular themes. You will enjoy around 1300 quality icons with 19 wallpapers and also analog clock widget. You can utilize a built-in icon request tool also. The icon masking of theme works really well as a best free icon packs for Android.


FAB Icon Pack

This wonderful icon pack contains huge number of icons, around 3500. You will also get awesome wallpapers to improve the overall look of your device. It works with every possible launcher available. You will enjoy playing with floating action button style icons with complete multi-launcher support.


Axiom Icon

It is another great icon pack for your Android device with over 160 icons for support for most of the launchers. Although, it doesn’t host huge number of icons, the Axiom icon pack works quite well since it modifies stock Android icons by including more shadows and depth in them. If you love these icons, you can request for even more. Developer updates this amazing theme regularly.

By using the aforementioned best free icon packs for Android developers, you will certainly get the desired look and feel on your Android device. Let us know if we are missing any icon packs worth mentioning!

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