SIM Card Removed Error in Samsung Galaxy S4 [Fixed]


Sim Initialization Failure

Samsung Galaxy S4 users sometimes receive an error message “The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted”. Another variant of the error is “A SIM card is needed to operate this phone. Please turn off your phone and insert your SIM card”. These errors may be caused by various reasons. This article will explain some of the probable causes of these errors with their proposed solutions.


Defective SIM Card Slot

Hardware failure of the Samsung Galaxy is the major reason for the errors related to network failure. It is quite possible that some sensors in the SIM card slot are defective or dirty. Simply blow air directly onto the SIM card slot so that any dirt particles are removed and clean contact of SIM with sensors is established. If you clean out the Sim card slot, you should not get the SIM card removed error.

Incorrect Insertion of SIM Card

If you insert the SIM card in a wrong manner, it will not be detected by your Galaxy S4. Make sure that the SIM card is inserted with the proper orientation. Try reinserting the SIM card to make sure it is sitting in the tray as it is supposed to be. If you are getting the SIM card not recognized error, you might need a new sim card. Your cell phone carrier should give you a new one for free if you stop by a store.

Phone is Locked to a Carrier

When you purchase a Galaxy S4 from a carrier like Verizon, it will be locked to the same network. When you try to insert the SIM of some other carrier, it will not recognize. You must get your Galaxy S4 unlocked from some software expert dealing in mobile applications. For example, an AT&T Galaxy will not work with Verizon. Make sure you have purchased the right phone. The Sim card removed popup should not appear if you have the correct sim card installed.

Software Bugs

Some third party apps may intermingle with the proper functioning of the mobile cell signal. You must start your smartphone in Safe Mode and see whether the problem is solved. You also have the option to Factory Reset your device and see if this strategy works.

In addition to aforementioned issues, your smartphone may fall victim to other issues. Anyhow, it is almost confirm that you will not get error “The mobile network will be unavailable until you restart with a valid SIM card inserted” after trying the methods depicted in this article.

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