HTC One Max Review


I will not dare to label HTC One Max as a failure as most of the folks out there do so, at least we should cushion the releases of the tech giant, don’t we? Yes ! I confess(and regret) that there were a plethora of issues with HTC One, from heating problem to lags and touch cease but still, the design, the hardware was something to give kudos to the tech giant. A HTC one Max review must be done!

Amid the plethora of issues and problems reported by the users of HTC One, HTC has come up to the expectations and rolled out another nifty addition to the HTC One family. Lets throw a review for the juicy gear and let our fans know what this device has to offer and whether they should buy it or not. So let’s get started with the sleek hardware design, the look and feel.


HTC One Max - Awesome As Before

Its Big, very Big and it seems HTC is trying to differentiate its market based on size. Making it a bit more squared up against the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra, HTC One max is a slight augmentation and bulge in the size of HTC One mini and there is no major difference as far as shape and outlook is concerned. HTC has built the 3,300mAh battery right into the One max and you can open up the body only to insert a Micro SIM (or two, with the dual-SIM model destined for China) or a microSD memory card.

A dedicated camera button is here which was not expected by HTC keeping in view the much ballooned up design. One’s IR emitter at the top of the device is sustained by HTC but the power button has been shifted to the sides from the top. The overall design is same but the back is removable completely which comes up with a lot of compromises.

The New Finger Print Feature- A Headache

I will again confess here that this new feature is a complete failure and a headache ! This is an honest HTC One Max review. The new fingerprint scanner is located at a nudge place, just below the camera, so every time you will try to make yourself recognized, you will have difficulties to even swipe! Because its vertical swipe integration. The epidemic signature problem makes it difficult to smudge the camera lens every time you want to unlock your phone. The unnatural, uncomfortable motion of the swipe spoils the user’s experience.


What’s New in HTC One Max?

A colossal stereo BoomSound speakers at its front, 1080p 5.9-inch display a treat to hold,  contrast, color reproduction, and viewing angles and bezels around the screen but to be frank the camera is not up to the mark. Optical image stabilization (OIS) with 4 MP camera does not make things spiced up as it was expected by all of us.



3,300mAh battery is enough to brand it a new release and with a software tweak of Sense 5.5, built atop Android 4.3 and 200 GB of Google Drive Storage, things are not that bad here for HTC. The price is currently under $300 here.

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