The Latest Wearable Devices Examples in 2018

wearable-devices-examplesIn our modern days, everyone is making an effort to acquire products that are made with the latest technology.  Wearable gadgets are some of the products that have greatly improved in appearance and design as a result of new technology. When you are buying such gadgets, it is important to ensure you look for the latest tech gadgets on the market.  Most of such gadgets are a display of your personality, style as well as your taste. You should, therefore, ensure you buy gadgets that both looks good and works well with you. Here are some of the wearable devices examples this year.

Latest List of Wearable Devices 2018


Apple Watch Series 3

The next generation Apple Watch improves itself once again. The most noticeable difference from the older models is that the Apple Watch 3 is now capable of having cell service. This means you can leave your iPhone at home and you will still receive calls and have data on your Watch.



Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses

These are the first "smart glasses" available in the world that uses an Android system to connect with smartphones. They have wireless connectivity that is designed for professional and commercial users. Some of the glasses’ main features include WI-FI, 4 GB storage, GPS and Android 6.0 system. By launching apps from your Smartphone, you can use this device to watch everything that is displayed on the screen.  It has installed apps used for recording and playing back videos and still pictures that are timed to control your planned events by linking it to your phone. Wearable devices examples can range from a lot of gadgets, but this one takes the cake.

This particular gadget comes on the heels of Google Glass. Watch videos as well as communicate with others by just using this eye-patch type design. You will also be able to use it in congruence with your Android Smart Phone through the truly amazing Bluetooth technology. This is why you should definitely try it out. It will be a good investment down the road.


Interactive T-shirts

Have you ever tried putting on a shirt with funny messages? Why don’t you take it to the next level by having electronics in the t-shirt itself. This is a shirt that uses new technology to create some appealing effects. It has a turn down the lights option and AA batteries and an equalizer that dance on your chest in reaction to the surrounding sound. Some of these Interactive shirts such as electronic drum Kit shirt make some sound when you push down on them. These T-shirts are cheap since they do not require high tech features.

interactive-t-shirt-electronic-rock-guitar-shirtThey just require an electronic board that you remove before washing the T-shirt. Using bright lights and colorful designs along with the moving pictures on the t-shirt can definitely capture the attention of the public as soon as you wear it. Give it a shot as soon as possible. It will be the best decision you will have made in your life.


Nike+ Fuel Band

This gadget tracks your daily exercise and the number and percentage of calories burnt when doing an exercise. For every exercise activity that you are doing, the Led light will light up and indicate your progress. It helps view detailed progress and achievement to stay motivated during exercise. It also has an option of sharing with your social networks through its iPhone app. If you intend to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this gadget will sure help you.


Pebble Watch for Smart Phones

The Pebble watch is paired with your Android phone or iPhone Via Bluetooth. Through the pebble, you can receive various push notifications such as an alert for call, email, messages and Facebook messages. This watch is highly customized, and it can efficiently be used in the outdoors. The device uses E-paper technology that ensures you do not have to interfere with its brightness while you track your distance and receive various alerts. You will only need to download the Pebble app on your Android phone to be able to use it.


I'm Watch

Coming in at number 4 in our wearable devices examples is the I'm Watch. This is a smart watch that uses the latest apps. Similar to the newly released Apple watches, this gadget will be able to give you a tiny computer strapped to your wrist. This particular Smart Watch is able to store a multitude of applications and will be able to connect your Smart Phone without difficulty. It connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

With Bluetooth technology, you will have the opportunity to send and receive messages and make calls by just pushing a few buttons on your watch. After getting connected, it performs actions that can be performed by your Smartphone. It enables you to receive notifications, read messages and emails and make and receive calls. This is a touch screen watch with an inbuilt microphone, and it is available in seven colors giving you wide options to choose from. Of course, the classic function of telling the time still works. Therefore, it is a perfect combination of classic and modern designs all in one gadget.


Swarovski USB Necklace

This flash drive gives a classic vibe with an appealing feel and will certainly give you style and substance in one package. This 4GB USB necklace act as a proof that tech can also be elegant and stylish at the same time. This necklace is available in different colors such as Light Rose and Violet. The necklace is designed with a heart shape that makes it an ideal gift for your girl on Valentine day, or a great addition to both your jewelry box and tech drawer.

You will get to enjoy the beauty of having timeless jewelry attached to your neck while it serves another entirely different purpose. This is proof that technology can also be quite stylish for sure. It will be a perfect gift for your girlfriend who is also a techno geek. She will love you more for it in the end.



If you do not like the feel of leather on your skin, iWallet is the best option for you. It has a strong, biometric access and Bluetooth technology that act as a security measure. It is designed to take your security seriously. In case the iWallet and your phone are far apart from each other, your phone will produce a sound that indicates a pickpocket's failed attempt or in case you have misplaced either of these devices.


USB Cufflinks

Along with the USB necklace, you can also redesign your cufflinks to hold your favorite storage device. As a guy, would it not be convenient for you to have your USB stick accessible anywhere you may be in the world? It also adds spark to your outfit for sure. Additionally, will the USB cufflinks will be able to hold up to two sticks at a time. Because of this, storage will not be a problem any longer. You could bring your gadget with you anywhere you go.


Rusty Wired Series

If you are looking for stylish earphones that you can use outdoors, this is the right product for you. You do not have to worry about having problems with octopus wiring anymore because everything will be embedded onto your vest and hood. What is cool about this is that there is a portable plug available in the pockets. This will allow you to play music wherever you are as long as you are wearing this article of clothing. You ought to try it out soon.

Latest-Wearable-GadgetTips To Compare Any Latest Wearable Gadget

In order to compare the newest gadgets, you need to have prior knowledge on the gadgets. The latest gadgets come in different designs and similar roles. Be wise not to compare the beauty rather than the features and the functions. These gadgets are so attractive since some resemble certain accessories hence may blindfold you we the beauty.

Take an expert or an experienced person with you to get guidance on how to compare the gadgets and get the best. Do not trust the information on the manual since there are possibilities of the manual being edited. Ensure that you confirm that the gadget is working itself. The following are some tips used to compare any latest wearable gadgets.

Price of Wearable Devices

The latest wearable gadgets design is all over the market but comes with different prices. Avoid a cheap wearable design gadget since it is probably not original. The original gadgets are at a bit high price but affordable if you want to evade the pain of buying two. The second one comes after you have bought the cheap one then, you realize its features are not working.

Therefore, you opt to buy the most expensive one. ‘Cheap is expensive’ is a wise realized after making such a mistake. Consider your financial status too i.e, do not buy what you cannot afford instead wait till you have saved enough money to enable you to buy what you desire. You can also compare that gadget with another cheaper one which is also original.

Durability of Wearable Devices

Original wearable gadgets design last longer than the imitation ones. The imitated gadgets do not last for long, you find that they are loosely attached; some do not have very important apps. Others required to be waterproof cannot even survive in water for a second.

You need to study the parts and features of these latest wearable gadgets before you go ahead to buy. The durability is written on the manual and in case you find that the gadget you want to buy is not in its original box do not waste your money.

Design of Wearable Devices

The latest wearable gadgets come in different designs that you can choose from the market. It only depends on what you like, design or are comfortable with. Avoid choosing attractive designs since they will only lead you to the risk of theft.

Also, avoid those with screaming colors since they raise curiosity causing people to desire to know what you are wearing. Avoid those made from precious jewels such as gold and silver since you will never be safe. Especially the necklace design can cost your life since the thief will not care about your life when pulling it off your neck.

Wearable-DevicesFeatures of Wearable Devices

The original wearable gadgets design comes with all necessary and required features. Always confirm from the manual and the device itself whether the features stated in the manual are on the device are working. A fake gadget does not have all features, and if they are there, it is very difficult to find that all of them are functioning.

Do not buy while in a hurry always be calm and do not trust what the seller is saying without confirming. While you want to compare the latest wearable gadgets ask for the best sellers in you town. You will be able to notice the original and fake gadgets.

Functions of Wearable Devices

Choose the wearable gadget design with functions related to your field of work. Avoid some of the b wearable gadgets design that is meant for fun since they will be of no use. The best reason you should buy a warble gadget design due to the help you are getting from it, not just for fun. Let the functions be economical to you, help you security wise and also communication.

Requirements of Wearable Devices

While comparing the latest gadgets, you are required to be sober minded to make the right decision. You are also required to compare the gadget that stores battery longer than the others. Avoid gadgets that do not fit in your body or the specified place, like fingers ensure you buy fitting ones.

Conclusion on our Wearable Devices Examples

It is important always to be aware of new tech news to know everything about any new gadget on the market. Hopefully you were in love with our wearable devices examples. With all the new technological advances we now see in the fields of fitness, entertainment, and communication, this can help you improve your lifestyle and even your fashion with new stylish wearable gadgets.

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