Why SEO Matters?


Why SEO matters? SEO is the short form of search engine optimization, it incorporates optimizing the websites for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc… according to search engines respective guidelines.  Search engine optimization can be done by people who are already experts in this field, as well as people learning to do SEO. SEO matters because it is what will bring organic traffic from the search engines to your websiteseo

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Do I Need SEO?

Normally a small business will approach seo companies to get their website optimized according to search engine friendly guidelines. Some big companies will directly hire SEO experts who can perform their company’s website seo tasks on a regular biases.

Now coming to the theme of why seo matters, seo is considered one of the most important elements for the development of business, especially for small business. If we see the current generation of people, nearly 60% of them utilize technologies to purchase or sell their needs, out of these percentage, almost 40% of them are utilizing search engines to get their needs (it can be buying or selling, knowing about particular thing, places etc).

When it comes to the business perspective, the primary aim would be conversions, when there is great measure of sales, the business will have good profits. Without traffic to your website, you will not make any sales. You can have the greatest content, but who will be there to see it? If you do not practice the SEO standards, your competition will always win. Search engine optimization is an economical way to conquer the first top positions in the search engine ranking, not to mention it makes your business successful.


Why Do SEO?

Every individual who searches on Google, their initial impression would be to click the top to middle of the search results pages, and for the most part they will click those websites which are listed organically. Of course you will see ads before these, called Adwords. However, most people are inclined to ignore these paid search results and go right to an organic looking site.

SEO vs adwords

Keyword advertising: a form of online advertising. With the help of relevant search terms (keywords) which, when providers (eg: Google Ad words) will be booked and then entered by users in the search box for the selected advertisement is issued. If the searcher clicks on the ad, then for a fee. The amount of the fee varies from a few cents to several dollars.

A problem in SEO that turns people away is the time it takes to see real results. Often SEO claims a longer period of time, several weeks or even months. Paid advertising, however, can drive traffic in a matter of hours. This can lead into leads and purchases. If you can spend $0.50 per click and get $1 out of the visit, you are making a profit. This is the key to adwords.

The most optimal solution would be to have a mixture of the two strategies that support each other to resolve the existing gaps within the search engines requirements for a top ranking. You must know how much each visitor is worth to you.

Here is reason why organic search results are more powerful than other search engine results page listings.


Increase Click Through Rate

Organic seo serves to get more clicks when compare to paid search results and that will results more click through rate and more conversions. The more specific your keyword is, the more targeted the reader will be.

  • For example: Compare two keywords; "men's shoes" vs "men's white running shoes". The person who is searching for "men's shoes" is undecided. They are looking to browse and see if they might find some shoes they like. On the other hand, "men's white running shoes" is much more targeted. The person who types this in knows what they want; they are looking for men's running shoes that are white. This why seo matters. You want to be on the first page for a targeted user ready to buy.


Cost Effective Seo

Organic seo could be done at extremely moderate cost.  Despite the fact that it’s a never ending process but believe me, it’s a very effective one. If you own or run small business, then you can optimize your website on your own by reading some of seo training articles and tutorials, which is available on many popular online seo training websites such as moz.com, seobook.com, webconfs.com etc.

  • Hiring an SEO expert can be very expensive. However if you are limited on your time and have money to spend, it is a wise investment. On the other hand, learning seo is free. The internet is like a library, read as much as you can and you will soon understand what SEO is all about.


Brand SEO

People trust search engines and search for their needs. So branding is most important. Good reputation will always boost your sales. So seo will also helps to promote your  brand.

  • Imagine if someone searches your company's name. What will they find? Will all the negative reviews show up before the positive? It is important to your business that when a customer searches your brand, they get valuable information and not negative.

Hopefully the above information has helped you understand why seo matters. The importance of Search Engine Optimization in today's modern internet world is vital for success. Do not ignore seo, or else you are leaving money on the table.

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