Latest Innovations in Technology 2016

Nothing changes as quickly as technology. The latest innovations in technology are changing our daily lives. New trends in the mobile phones and in different electronic devices are show up regularly. We see exciting news for medical devices that bring restricted sight to the blind, target cells of cancer. Fascinating new materials are being developed to wash oil spills from the oceans.


Latest Technology Innovations

Here are few of the latest innovations in technology so far in 2016. The year has just begun!

Blockchain Bitcoin


A lot has been said and discussed about bitcoin, which was invented by a cryptography buff, Satoshi Nakamoto, in 2008. Claimed to be a new electronic system that remained fully peer-to-peer, bitcoin has met with severe roadblocks when it came to processing transactions, and critics say that it can't process more than seven transactions per second.

On the other hand, blockchain, a giant ledger that keeps record of bitcoins owned, looks like meeting with more favor. Maybe, blockchain is so robust on account of the huge number of miners involved. But by all likelihood and in the event of the failure of bitcoin, blockchains are here to stay. However, much will depend on how the experiments move ahead regarding its operation.Bitcoins aren't the latest innovations in technology, but blockchains are.

Project Loon


Sky is the limit, they say. One of the latest innovations in technology is about to take flight, and Google too believes in it and is gearing up to make the whole world get connected online. People living in remote rural areas can now look forward to getting used to Internet as Google is getting close to connect the entire world through a new concept called Project Loon. Through this novel project, it wants to reach Internet facility to the whole world.

The process is simple and it goes like this: Hundreds of helium balloons are launched into the open and they can soon establish links where cell towers fail to reach, or not keen to do so for want of clients. Right now, a few balloons are floating over the Southern Hemisphere at an altitude of about 20 kilometers and each of them is expected to make a radio link to a telecommunications network on the ground. It will then beam down fast-paced cellular Internet coverage to e-devices including smartphones.

Car-to-Car Communication


The latest innovations in technology are trying their best to offer safety to cars and other vehicles on the roads. Unfortunately, none of them have been able to offer the kind of support that's really expected to ensure foolproof safety. However, a new technology, called car-to-car communication, comes to meet such an expectation by letting cars broadcast their position, speed, brake status and other related data to other vehicles that are running within a few 100 meters.

This communication technology is likely to create a huge impact and push back the several advanced vehicle automation technologies now in vogue. With self-driving cars also a distant dream and many questions raised about their credibility, car-to-car communication is likely to make a lot of news in the coming days.

self driving chairs

The rapid pace at which the latest innovations in technology are advancing is quite evident. Or, at least that's what Nissan has to say. The leading Japanese automaker has now found an office chair that can do wonders, and can even take orders like a clap. These "intelligent parking chairs" have been fitted with motorized wheel bases so that they can move around freely.

The location data transmitted wirelessly with the help of four cameras that are fixed around the room will enable them to understand where to go from where. So, these chairs are likely to make a huge impact in office rooms as they can return to their tucked-in position on their own , be it under the office desk or the room table, all done when someone claps.

Reusable Rockets


The successful landing of the spacex reusable rocket brings hope to lowering the cost of space travel. It is critical for humans to be able to reuse rockets as it actually saves money. The former space shuttle program of NASA had a similar goal, which was short lived and never fulfilled. This is one of the latest innovations in technology, however due to the nature of space flight, it is yet to be seen whether the reusable rocket would actually be able to fly. Yes it can fly, but can it fly AGAIN? It is believed that a refurbished rocket would have significantly lower cost than building a new rocket.

Air to Water

The Fontus is a self-filling water bottle that is ideal for bikers who go on long distance rides. The bottle takes humid air and transforms it into drinkable water. The Fontus is currently a pre-order available on Indiegogo. There are two versions of the Fontus. A stand alone bottle, which is just a typical water bottle and the Ryde which can be attached to a bicycle. The Fontus is designed by Kristof Retezar, a designer from Vienna. The early bird pre-order price for the bottles is $200 for the stand alone and $165 for the Ryde.

3D Printed Car


The Strati is considered to be one of the first 3D printed cars. The 3d printed car is made of reinforced carbon fiber and with the correct motor can achieve approximately 200 horse power. This technology may be useful for developing nations. The design goal is to cut cost for car manufacturing.

Clean Up Oil Spills Ocean


Interesting new materials are being developed in labs across the planet that push future inventions further each day. Universities and science facilities are actively working on the properties of of acquainting chemicals. The character may be a variety of carbon possessing, exceptional strength, and resilience. The properties of the characters are being investigated to form a number of thick atoms and little sponges that may take in immense amounts of damaging oil from the ocean.

3d Printing Technology


With the latest technology innovations, people are also finding new strategies in producing things in the variety of 3D printing. The science behind the 3D printing permits a whole physical device to be designed from separate materials, layer by layer on a special printing device. This recent electronic invention has become so popular, that one can actually buy one for their home.

Cloud Computing Innovation



The big phrase for firms and people alike is the cloud. It looks an obscure term; however it really shows the latest technology innovations. Recent invention in electronics allows immense networks of computers store huge amounts of data on servers. All of this data is easily accessed by simply connecting to the internet.

Take big companies for example, and picture a network of non-public computers providing real time data to branches of the company across the country. The result would be immensely accelerated data piped into every node of the network, keen about the web speed of every user. This not only allows collaboration, but back up of the data as well.

Augmented Reality Technology


Most are not tuned to the new term AR, however good phones and special glasses are making this new technology a reality. This is among the most fascinating latest innovations in technology. By augmenting reality, we are able to associate an overlay of an image in the real world.

There are specific devices being designed with this technology in mind. Google glass combines glasses with an online association and a camera. Put them on and see the pages of the web, get directions, or video chat with a fan. This is simply the start of the technology, and it guarantees to be exciting. Augmented Reality remains in its experimental stages until the HoloLens comes out.

Every year, the latest innovations in technology are becoming more and more amazing. It is hard to keep up with all of this change. However sometimes change is a good thing.

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