Technology Impact on Child Growth and Development

technology-impact-on-child-growth-and-developmentTechnology Impact on Child's Growth and Development

A large number of kids have an access to the Internet form an early age, which can be a double-edged sword. Of course, it can be highly beneficial for many reasons, but you should also know that there are so many potential hazards that you aren’t even aware of. Here are some of the children’s bad habits related to use of the computer. Technology impact on child growth and development is important to understand!

Spending Too Much Time in Front of the Screen

If your children spend too much time in front of the computer on a daily basis, you should see that as a serious problem that must not be neglected. They are actually missing out on different activities that are crucial for their social, physical, emotional and intellectual development.

This problem can be solved by limiting the total amount of time they spend on the Internet. Besides that, you should pay extra attention to them, because sitting for a long time can lead to bad eating habits. This can gradually lead to obesity or some other health problem.

Time Spent at the Computer Leads to Hard Time at School

If your children are spending much more time playing video games than doing their homework and studying, that’s certainly a big problem. Spending time in virtual world rather than in the real one can lead to having difficulties in school, simply because kids can confuse fantasy and reality.

This is exactly why parents should influence their kids to spend more time online for the purpose of doing a school project or homework, instead of playing video games or chatting with virtual friends. Besides that, children should be provided with some necessary resources that encourage other activities. Some of these are books, art supplies, board games, etc.

They Are Not Protecting Their Privacy Online

Children are usually very open and naive in their nature, which is exactly why they don’t understand the potential consequences of their actions on the Internet. They are usually willing to share personal information, such as name and surname, address, phone number and information on their school, which can be very harmful. They can never be sure who is the person sitting on the other side of the screen.

There are many people who are pretending to be something they are not, wanting to take advantage of children and trick them into giving information on their identity or parents’ bank account. You should therefore teach them that there are many hackers and other people who are very dangerous, so that they never reveal anything to anyone.

Playing Video Games that Promote Violence

Nowadays, there are numerous video games that are blamed on the violence they contain, and their bad effect is even worsened by games’ interactive nature. Parents usually don’t like those and think of them as time-wasters, and even experts consider them as the main reason for violent behavior in the public. Besides that, kids usually play them alone, and too much time spent alone can foster social isolation.

Forbidding your children to play those won’t do a service to them – instead, you can encourage them to play educational games that are entertaining at the same time. There are many of these online, and many offer a wide range of fantastic games that your kids will absolutely adore.Playing-Video-Games

It is important to know that video and computer games aren’t all bad. There is a wide range of them which help children develop fine motor skills as well as many others. You should just help your youngest ones choose the most appropriate game.

Also, limiting the time spent in front of the screen is crucial. As soon as children realize that virtual world and the real one are not the same thing, they will be able to get rid of their bad computer habits.

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