Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review: Amazing Specs and Features


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Real Review

Much awaited, discussed, commented on and imagined, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is out now. Although much has already been said about the Galaxy Note 4 specs, however now that it has been officially unveiled, you can have a look at what it really is. Here we have our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review for you with its specifications and the good and bad highlights, as well as comparison of specs with its rivals in the market.

The Size and Display of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

When you look at it, you will find it is the same size as that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. However, as soon as you turn it on, you will get an overwhelming feeling of its colorful sensation. It’s got a 2k display in its 5.7 inches screen and a superb resolution of 2560x1440. That puts it as a rival to LG G3. G3, however, has a smaller dimension and a slightly higher pixel density. The Galaxy note 4 specs include an amazing pixel density of 515 nonetheless, which is pretty high as compared to other smartphones in the market. It has Samsung's Super AMOLED display that gives it the best color quality possible.


Just like Galaxy Tab S series, it has got adaptive screen which means it adjusts its warmness, color and other settings according to brightness and warmness of ambient light falling on the screen.

Hands on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review saw a definite improvement in the Note 4 from its predecessor is the look and feel of its body. The faux-leather comes with a softer feel but a better grip. It also has a nice sharp metallic boundary on the edges, which makes the grip easier, considering its big size. The body does not have a metallic feel over all but that’s something Samsung seems to be considering going against the norm. The material used doesn’t feel cheap, rather it has a classy feel and more sophisticated look. Galaxy note 4 specs also include micro SD slot and removable battery slot under the back cover.


RAM and Processor of the Note 4

In the official Samsung galaxy note 4 review and unveiling of the device, the Note 4 has Qualcomm's Snapdragon 805 processor and 3GB of RAM, which is something you simply can’t ignore. A phone this powerful can literally be used to do anything. This great processing power will is fueled by a 3220mAh battery. The battery is good enough to be fulfill the needs of a processor this high.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera

Note 3’s 13MP camera is now replaced! The galaxy note 4 specs include a 16MP camera with built in image stabilization. Its camera captures the images without delays and the image quality looks great. However it does seem that the camera after effects seem overloaded the colorfulness of the picture. How good these photos look on other devices and computer screens is yet to be tested but one thing is for sure, Samsung has definitely improved its focus and dynamic view features.


The front camera too has been improved and it now has a wide angle selfie mode to capture great selfies and larger coverage of backgrounds.

The Verdict

With everything improved from the Note 3, our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review definitely found that it deserved Samsung’s flagship. It has a improved S pen too and quite a good number of highlighting features that mark this as a successful phone. Improved design and features added to camera will make it a hot cake and it will stay a hot cake for a while in the market.

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