Best Contact Sync App For iPhone

Do you think you can use the best contact sync app for iphone? These days, apps and smart phones are seeping into the lives of people to such an extent that they seem to take over their work routine as well as casual daily life errands to be conducted. This is more or less because of the diversity of the tasks performed by each app and its effectiveness. In fact, apps and their effectiveness are growing to such an extent that now the usual manner of performing a particular task is shunned and people are looking for its replacement in the form of apps.


Best Contact Management Apps

Although apps may be required for bigger errands like booking hotels abroad for your stay, etc, people look for apps for smaller things as well. Such common place errands include locking/unlocking their phones and deleting contacts from their phones. In case you are looking for some reliable apps for deleting and managing your contacts on your iPhone, here you will find some appropriate ones. These are some of the best contact sync app for iPhone.

Contacts Cleanup & Merge Free


Contacts Cleanup & Merge Free is one of the most popular and widely used apps for the iPhone for the purpose of managing and deleting contacts in people’s phones. You can install this app on your iPad, iPhone and iPod. This app can work equally well on iOS 9, which makes it even more popular and preferable.

When you have the Contacts Cleanup & Merge Free app on your phone, you are free from all worries about your phone’s contacts. The first perk of installing this app on your phone is that you will be allowed to delete multiple contacts in a row. Deleting many contacts at once is not merely a claim; this app actually does what it says.

Second most important thing that makes this one of the best contact sync app for iPhone is that you will be able to send multiple e-mails to your contacts at once or however you wish to. The feature enabling you to e-mail is very rare among apps intended to delete and manage the contacts on your iPhone and other gadgets.

Along with these features, the Contacts Cleanup & Merge app also has the great feature of enabling you to back up your contacts, which protects you from losing your valuable and important contacts. After taking their backups, you are also allowed to send them in an e-mail to your address to make sure that they are properly saved. This app also allows you to set repeat reminders for those contacts which shall be installed later. Apart from being compatible with the latest iOS, the app is very user friendly and does not affect your devices’ performance.

Power Contacts


Power Contacts is also one of the most widely used apps for deleting contacts and performing other tasks related to contact managing. Priced at $3.99, Power Contacts is said to be the most powerful and effective app for the management of your contacts. This app appears to be very user friendly and welcoming as it has a colorful layout that makes your contacts and icons look beautiful.

Your contacts will appear in the bubble style which itself is very attractive. After installing this app you will be able to delete multiple contacts which appear in groups at once. You will also be allowed to send messages in groups very easily. These messages can be delivered in any format, whether e-mails or text messages. This app is ideal for those who have to be connected to their friends for any reason.


Another reason why this app is gaining popularity is that it supports calling by Skype and FaceTime which is a feature not offered by many apps intended for the purpose of deleting contacts. After installing this app you will be able to send any contact through e-mail or text message to anybody, anytime and also print the whole contact with all details.

Other salient features of Power Contacts include the provision of finding the desired contact after you type any detail, i.e., name, address, etc. You can customize the view by using any custom colors to your layout which can be chosen from a vast range of color and theme options which come in the package. You can even look for a person’s contact by flipping and swiping their pictures, however this feature is only applicable in iPhone.


Sync.ME is an app available for free with which you can have all the possible functions related to your address book. It may be the best contact sync app for iPhone just because it is so useful. Apart from being able to delete multiple contacts from your phone at once, this app works by synchronizing with your Facebook account and use your information there to maintain your phone’s record. You can add your favorite friends’ data to your phone’s contact and get updated with their latest activities just like subscribing. You can locate your friends’ numbers and other details in your phone’s address book by simply tapping on their pictures. This app allows you to delete the duplicate contacts in your phone book by pointing them out. With the quick dialer that comes as a distinct feature in this app, you will be able to immediately call, FaceTime or send a text message to your favorite contacts by simply tapping on their picture.


You will be notified about your friends’ birthdays and other events just like your Facebook homepage. There is a T9 system built in the  app which will give you the full contact details after you type in a few letters, which means the call dialing and messaging will become extremely easy and quick with it. Once you have installed on your iPhone, you will be able to save your contacts by backing them up and also emailing them to your mail box. Furthermore, this app is fully designed for iPad and iPhone and can even be customized and optimized after some changes for iPhone 6s.

The best contact sync app for iPhone can be difficult to find. There are thousands of contact management apps in the app store. Above were the 3 best ones we have tested and used.

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