Best Cydia Tweaks For iOS

If you have a jailbroken iPhone then you are all set to install the latest best Cydia tweaks for iOS onto it. They are known for the comfort and ease they give you in your daily life endeavors, however it is seen that most Cydia tweaks do not perform well enough as they are shown to do and affect the performance of your phone in general.Best-Cydia-Tweaks-For-iOS

8 Best Cydia Tweaks on iOS

Most of the times it is seen that such tweaks affect the battery life of your phone. Hence you should take care and read every detail of the Cydia tweak you are about to install in your phone or other gadgets. Here are few safe and beneficial best Cydia tweaks for iOS that can be used on your iPad, iPod and iTouch.



IntelliScreenX is a useful app for those who rely on notifications from different apps they have installed. With this app you can stay connected with your friends and get immediate access to your favorite stuff that may include any alerts or information. Once you have this app in your phone or gadget you can get immediate notifications about developments and updates in whatever pages or links you have asked for. Usually people put their social networking pages or blog updates on the list for receiving notifications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



Activator is one of the best Cydia tweaks For iOS. In fact this app is one of the reasons of existence of jail broken phones. It allows maximum amount of control over their phones and gadgets. Activator works by allowing you to allocate any custom gesture to your apps for their launching. With Activator you can change a song, adjust your brightness, or launch any app or tweak by a custom gesture which has been allocated by you. It is a treat for those who want to enjoy their app experience the way they like.



BiteSMS is probably the best app a SMS user can ask for. In fact many critics have called it a treat for those who frequently send SMS. This app works by making your texting experience even better and according to your will and control. When you add this Cydia tweak to your phone you will be able to add templates of your choice, put in signatures to your text messages along with setting a scheduled SMS, pass code and many more features, however the best is still coming. With BiteSMS you are allowed to use "Quick reply" which will enable you to answer any text from anywhere on your phone. Another good quality is "Quick Compose" due to which you will be able to make and compose any text message from anywhere in your phone. Now with this app you are relieved of quitting the app you are using currently and switching to your SMS option to answer or compose a text. This tweak has an in-depth setting option which should be fully and thoroughly explored by you once it has been installed.

Dashboard X


Dashboard X is a great Cydia Tweak for those who want everything in- front of them. Dashboard X works by putting all your desired apps, widgets and functions on your main home screen with which you can easily access them without having to browse them all over your screen. Dashboard X can be used on your iPhone, iPad and iTouch. People, also benefit from Dashboard X by placing their notification app on the home screen which then allows them to get updates from their favorite apps and pages and stay connected to their social media ventures.



RecognizeMe is one of the greatest apps in the area of security. When you install this app you're in full control of your phone or other gadgets and it shall only work on your commands. This app works by allowing you to set some facial gesture as the bases of unlocking your phone and get rid of the conventional pass code which can be easily hacked leaving your phone’s data to be opened by all. You have to register your face and a certain facial gesture to the app and then unless and until the phone sees the same gesture on your face it will unlock saving all your data from burglars and hackers which unlock and hack the alphanumeric pass codes very easily.

Safari Download Enabler


You might have noticed or been through the inconvenience of not being able to save or download any file off your Safari browser, however after installing the Safari Download Enabler you will be able to save and download any file of any format on your phone very easily. To know more about file formats and how it is applicable on your iPhone, iOS and other gadgets read the Safari Download manager tweak’s guide.



When it comes to the best Cydia tweaks for iOS, Quasar stands out as the king of all. This tweak enables you to do quite some multi tasking on your iPad and iOS devices. You are allowed to manage and use various apps at one time. With all of your desired apps being displayed on one screen, you do not need to switch one off to open and use the other since you have the Quasar in your gadget which is designed to help you in multi- tasking. Like your laptops and desktop computers this app shall open up different apps and functions with a separate window and hence allowing you to work on them at the same time.



Emblem Emblem works by displaying all your notifications in a corner of your device and allows you to manage them by small gestures. You can slide them open to read them and then drag them out of your screen to dismiss them after reading. According to user reviews this app gives their phone a feel like an iPad.

The best Cydia tweaks for iOS are great for your jail broken device and give you quite a lot of ease when used properly. These tweaks allow you to take your device beyond what the manufacturer allows.

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