Fun Photo Apps for iPhone 2016

The camera on the iPhone has the capability to capture an extraordinary image quality and virtually as much photo detail as a professional camera can do. There are plenty of fun photo apps for iPhone in the app store that you can play around with in order to get the most from your device.


Photo Apps for iPhone

Why not spice up your iPhone photos with some different filters, effects or editing techniques? Here are some of the very best fun photo apps for iPhone that users can use to create and enhance beautiful photos with just a few taps of the screen.



Every iPhone owner should have the Instagram app installed. Perhaps the most popular photo app for the iPhone, Instagram comes with a wide range of vintage filters and the optional borders that can be instantly applied to any of your photo. So, not only is Instagram one of the best photo apps you can find in the store, but also it serves as a popular social network. Now, share your photos with other the Instagram users and also gather followers who admire your artwork. Moreover, Instagram photos can be shared on Instagram website or directly posted to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler account or on other social media sites. If you are looking for some fun photo apps for iPhone, this is a must.



Facetune is an app that is available to download by iTunes. This app helps you to look to the best of your ability even when you take a picture on a cellular device. This application would be considered a strong photo editor. Facetune is among the most popular fun photo apps for iPhone. This app comes at a decently low price of around four dollars. This application is currently only able to be downloaded on an apple device that is using iOS 7.0 or later. Some people review this application as a easier and quicker version of Photoshop. This current version of this application is almost rated at five stars, however the other versions of this app have already been rated with five stars.

A Beautiful Mess


The app A Beautiful Mess was created by Red Velvet Art LLC. This app has reached number one in the iTunes store as well as being downloaded an impressive amount of 1,000,000 times. You will be able to make use of this as long as you have either an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. This is a low cost application that will only cost you around a dollar. In this app you will be able to add different filters, fonts, and doodles. After editing you can then share with your friends in multiple different share methods such as email or social media.

Pic Collage


Pic Collage is an application that is created by Cardinal Blue. This is an app that you will be able to edit your pictures with holiday effects. This application even includes the ability to edit your photo with birthday effects. One of the biggest pros of using this application is that it is currently free, which is great when you are looking for fun photo apps for iPhone. You will be able to use this app if you have either an iPad or an iPhone. If you decide to download the app than you will be joining 100 million others that also use Pic Collage as well. You can use this app as a pro to print better photos as well in phone covers or just as posters as well.



Snapbucket was created by Photobucket and it allows you to snap a picture then choose a style and finally share it with all your friends. Snapbucket's interface and the unique styles are similar to the Instagram, so you can choose from a variety of filters like sunrise, film, ghost, antique, the 70s and several others. You can also create sets, make special effects, choose vignettes, and then apply different frames to all your photos before sharing them on the Facebook, Twitter or by email.

Picture Effect Magic


Now, if you’re looking for more of the modern art style, the Picture Effect Magic can give the iPhone photos a very impressive and high-quality pencil or paint drawn effect rapidly. So, this app has one of most extensive selections of the effects to choose from. Effects include sepia, black and white, mirror, neon light, rainbow, swirl, emboss, and so many more. You can add objects to your photos like butterflies or flowers as a bonus, and also you can adjust the color and brightness settings all within the app itself.

Adobe Photoshop Express


As you know, Adobe Photoshop is already one of the leading pieces of desktop software for the photo editing, and you can edit photos right on your iPhone with Photoshop too. With Adobe Photoshop Express you can use simple gestures to quickly edit photos by cropping, straightening, rotating and also flipping any image. Adjust the color settings by changing exposure, saturation, tint or contrast and apply a variety of sketch, soft focus or sharpening filters. Photoshop brings one of the most premium fun photo apps for iphone.

Color Touch

Color Touch is an incredible photo app that allows you to take a photo and then gray out everything in the image except for a selected person so the object can stand out in vivid color. You can also change the color of something completely; make your hair green, an apple blue, or a cat pink and if you don’t like what you see, Color Touch has multiple levels of undo, so you can easily experiment over and over again until you get the colors you like. Now, import photos directly from the Facebook, zoom in for extra detail and share your photos again on the Facebook with your friends.

Self Camera


With all the nifty photo apps available and convenience of taking high quality photos with your iPhone, one thing that’s missing from all of it is a timer feature. Self Camera is an app that places a delay timer on a photo shot. When you don’t have someone around to take photo for you, Self Camera mechanizes that for you on both front and back camera. It can’t do any fancy image effects, however for those who need a timer feature that works, this is one of best options.



Airbrushing isn’t just for the magazines and professional models anymore. You can airbrush your friends, family and even yourself as well, with the iPhone with MoreBeaute2. This app has brightening, lightening, and also smoothing the color and texture of your skin in just two very easy steps. So, simply load up a photo in the app, adjust brightness, smoothness, detail and tone of your skin to rapidly transform your appearance.

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