6 Best Apps for Movie lovers


What are the best apps for movie lovers? If you are addicted to movies and TV shows, you know how important it is to stay up to date. As a movies freak you are also surfing for new upcoming movies, updates, gossips, release date, trailers, teasers and more. Without going to the right place you won't find any regular updates and details about the movies.

Below you will find the best apps for movie lovers. These apps let you to know details such as movies rating, awards, technicians, about actors, biography of each celebrities and more not only in Hollywood but all the movies in world. These movie apps are the best way to find new movies and show, and see upcoming trailers.


best free movie apps

The IMDB app helps guide the user to find movies and showtimes near your surrounding area. It also helps in reading critics and gives the user personalized recommendations.The apps basic category is Entertainment. A neat feature of the IMDB app is that it allows the browsing of photo galleries and provides entertainment related news and quotes. It also briefs the user with data of the box office. The best feature that I personally liked about the app is that it serves with services of entertainment in many different languages.

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Movies by Flixster is an app that allows users to view movie trailers, movie reviews and movie showtimes all in one place. Movie lovers now have the opportunity to locate showtimes, and preview movies all in one place. Flixster also allows users to purchase tickets by Fandango. Everything has finally come together in one simple app: watch a trailer, find a showtime, and purchase tickets within minutes. Once the movie is complete you are able to write your review for other users as well. One app with everything a movie fanatic would love.

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Anything After Prime


Anything After Prime is a great app for moviegoers. This useful app lets you know if there are any additional scenes or previews added onto the end of the movie after the credits finish rolling. This keeps you from missing anything important and allows you to know in advance if you should stay seated to catch the additional scenes or if you can leave early and beat the traffic.

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Fandango is an app that allows you to search for movies playing nearby or at a theater of your choice. You can check out movie trailers, and even buy tickets through the app. They have an exchange program, however, I have never needed to use it, so I don't know how good that is. You basically have a ticket box-office in your hand. All in all, this is a great app. It’s quick, easy, and fun. My children even use it to find movies they are interested in.

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Fan tv


Fan TV is an app on the itunes store which works with both the iphone and ipad. It is basically like a tv guide for the cyberworld. By using the app, you can search for all of your favorite tv programs and movies. Fan tv will then direct you to all of the online pay sites and streaming services wherein the program or movie can be seen. A user may also enter a title and the app will notify the user when and where the programming is available to be streamed. It has great reviews by users and comes highly recommended.

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Solyaris is an application which is used to view movies, Tv shows, actors and explore the connections between the shows, movies and actors. It puts this data into a visual exploration of connections. You can see the cast, read the storyline and flip through film posters. Solyaris can also get the filmography and biography for each actor or director, and other cool features like watch movie trailers, browse IMDb, and Wikipedia articles.

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