How to Sign Out in Windows 10

Microsoft introduced the conventional style Start Menu in Windows 10, after facing a lot of criticism due to Windows 8 Metro tiles-based UI. You can access the options of shutdown, restart, hibernate, and sleep from the power button on the Start Menu in Windows 10.… Read More

Disable Hot Corners for Windows 8

Enable/Disable Edge Swipes, Charms and App Switcher Hot Corners for Windows 8 Windows 8 contains plenty of gestures and shortcuts. In addition to the touchscreen gestures, you can also take advantage of swipe gestures. There are also hot corner gestures top open charms bar that… Read More

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Review

Laptop and pad hybrids are becoming more and more common, especially when the design intent and the legacy of the former is being questioned more and more after the advent of tablets. Lenovo is hoping to combine these categories with its new hybrid, the Lenovo IdeaPad… Read More

HTC One Max Review

I will not dare to label HTC One Max as a failure as most of the folks out there do so, at least we should cushion the releases of the tech giant, don’t we? Yes ! I confess(and regret) that there were a plethora of… Read More

Best Free Icon Packs for Android

If you love to customize the appearance of your Android smartphone or tablet, you will require launchers, widgets, and icon packs. Widgets and launchers improve the aesthetics of your Android device to a great extent. When you desire changing the stock icons, then you must… Read More

Impact of iPad on Society

Impact of the iPad on Society The iPad has been around since 2010, and in the time since its release it has had a profound influence on many aspects of life in countries where it is popular. Although targeted initially towards consumers, the iPad has… Read More